LloydsTSB Retirement Club (Birmingham)
RSA  Magazine Articles
by Jean Nicholls
October 1988: Dreams and Realities
April 1989: Shetland
July 1989: Shetland (continued)
October 1989: My Favourite Window
January 1990: Letter from Makelle (Sister Jean Harris)
April 1990: Friday Afternoons
July 1990: Albums, Envelopes and Boxes
October 1990: Malta, GC
January 1991: Christmas Present, Christmas Past
April 1991: Possessions and Necessities
July 1991: Ethiopia 1991 (Sister Jean Harris)
October 1991: All This and Heaven Too
January 1992: A Nostalgia Trip
April 1992: Fools Rush In ...........
July 1992: Going Back
July 1993: Voyage South (or In The Steps of Scott!)
October 1993: Voyage South (Part 2) - The Falklands
January 1994: "A Third and Distinct Character, which I call 'Unexpectedness' "
April 1994: The Wee Small Hours
April 1995: Have Mac', Will Travel
October 1995: Creature Comforts
April 2001: I Remember, I Remember
July 2001: Five Days in Normandy
April 2002: "Halloa! Here's a Church! Let's Go In!" ('Great Expectations')
January 2004: Diary to a Sponsor
April 2005: Retirement or an Idle Life
January 2006: My Left Knee
Continued ....