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Articles reproduced from various editions of the
Retired Staff Association's Magazine

Judith Barker

A Journey into the Unknown

October 1988


Judith in Disneyland (Kath Barker)

January 1993

A S Bewlay

TSB Medallions

July 1987

Eric Bignell

The Golfing Bug

October 1996

Josie Griffiths

My First Visit to America

October 1998


Visits to America

April 1999

Richard Mann

An Ambition Fulfilled

October 1996



July 1997


End-to-End 1998

October 1998


Experiences of a Hyperactive 60 Year Old

October 2000

Dennis Moore

Some Thoughts of a ‘Senior Citizen’

October 1993


Ships that pass in the Night (or day)

October 1993

Jean Nicholls

Dreams and Realities

October 1988



April 1989


Shetland (continued)

July 1989


My Favourite Window

October 1989


Letter from Makelle (Sister Jean Harris)

January 1990


Friday Afternoons

April 1990


Albums, Envelopes and Boxes

July 1990


Malta, GC

October 1990


Christmas Present, Christmas Past

January 1991


Possessions and Necessities

April 1991


Ethiopia 1991 (Sister Jean Harris)

July 1991


All This and Heaven Too

October 1991


A Nostalgia Trip

January 1992


Fools Rush In ……….

April 1992


Going Back

July 1992


Voyage South (or In The Steps of Scott!)

July 1993


Voyage South (Part 2) – The Falklands

October 1993


“A Third and Distinct Character, which I will call ‘Unexpectedness’”

January 1994


The Wee Small Hours

April 1994


Have Mac’, Will Travel

April 1995


Creature Comforts

October 1995


I Remember, I Remember

April 2001


Five Days in Normandy

July 2001


“Halloa! Here’s a Church! Let’s Go In!” (‘Great Expectations’)

April 2002


Diary to a Sponsor

January 2004


Retirement or An Idle Life

April 2005


My Left Knee

January 2006

John Ordish

A Cretan Experience

A Cretan Experience Continued

Driving Italian Style - Perhaps

October 1997

January 1998

October 2005

Colin Parker

Dr Henry Duncan & Ruthwell

July 2004

Joe Powell

Were You There?

April 1989

Gilbert Sherborne

New Zealand, via Cook Islands, January 1992

July 1992

John Walker

The Collecting Bug

January 1988

Maurice Whitehouse

A Dream Comes True

January 1999


Travelling in Hope

July 1999


Wandering Around

January 2000


On Our Way to the “Best of Yorkshire”

April 2000


Mediterranean Miracle

July 2000


A Little Sanctuary

January 2001


For Whom The Vatman Tolls

April 2001



July 2001


Around the World in …. How Long?

January 2002


Nature’s Rockery

April 2002


Island in the Sun

July 2002


Feathered Friends – and Enemies

October 2002


The Church in the Wood

January 2003


Peas (and P’s) in our Time

October 2003


Up on the Downs

April 2004


Hark, Hark, the Cows do Bark!

October 2004


Midsummer Magic and Music

January 2005


With the Cave Dwellers

July 2005

Albert Williams

Going to the Pictures

April 1987


Banking Tales

July 1991


Forty Years a Showman

April 1992


Father Christmas alias Albert Williams

January 1995


A Lifetime of Cinema

July 1995


The Collecting Mania

April 1997


My Trip to a Palace

April 1999

Norman Worwood

In Camera

April 2004


Postcards Galore

April 2005