LloydsTSB Retirement Club (Birmingham)
History of the Retired Staff Association

This Chairman’s message from Mike Shaw was included in the first edition of the Members’ Magazine in February 1987. At that time, the Retirement Club’s title reflected the current structure of the Bank, as illustrated by the cover of the Club’s magazine:

As stated in the magazine ‘it is emphasised that the formal title of the TSB Retired Staff Association (Birmingham Region) is merely a statement of the correlation between the active regions of TSB England & Wales and their retired staff. It does not in any way imply that the Association’s activities are limited to members living in the Birmingham area.’


The Birmingham Region of TSB England & Wales was based on an administrative office located at TSB House in Sheldon, and the Club’s magazine was ‘reproduced from the original and distributed with the goodwill and kind co-operation of the Management and relevant staff’ at the Sheldon office.


The Association had 10 Areas, reflecting the geographical spread of the TSB Birmingham Region, and the main centres of population on which the original Savings Banks were based:






Walsall & Wolverhampton




Shrewsbury & Mid-Wales


North Wales & Chester



7 & 8

West Glamorgan & Dyfed




North Staffs


There were vacancies for Area Representatives in Areas 6 and 9, three Representatives for Birmingham (Mike Shaw; Margaret Smith; Ray Stanley) and one in each of the six other Areas.


The Association’s Committee consisted of the following officers:



E M Shaw

Vice Chairman:

L A Carter

Acting Secretary

(Miss) M C Smith


R J Stanley

Press Officer:

N A Worwood

Socials Secretary:

(Mrs) J Ager


For the members living in the Birmingham area, arrangements were made for a Coffee Morning on the third Wednesday of each month, at the ‘Red Lion’ in Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, as detailed in the Associations' Newsletter for July 1986 that outlined the programme for that year.

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On June 25th 1985, Mike Shaw (recently retired, having joined the Birmingham Municipal Bank in 1937) travelled to TSB Central Board in London for a meeting that had been called to enable the formation of Retired Staff Associations. At that date, the Bank's title was TSB of England & Wales (formed on November 20th 1983), and it was divided into seven regions - the Birmingham Region was administered from an office in Sheldon and had resulted from the amalgamation of TSB Birmingham & the Midlands; TSB Wales & Border Counties; and North Staffs TSB.

This section of the website details the history of the Retired Staff Association (Birmingham Region) through the contents of the Association's quarterly magazines. The RSA was dissolved in 2006, but was the forerunner of the LloydsTSB Retirement Club (Birmingham).
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