LloydsTSB Retirement Club (Birmingham)
Retired Staff Association Events - 1992
Thursday, May 14th
Visit to Lake Vyrnwy (Powys)
By popular demand, we are returning to Wales this year, but to a different location. On this occasion, our destination is Lake Vyrnwy, a scenic area, north of Welshpool. There is a Visitor's Centre and also the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, where light refreshments are available, or, for the hungrier amongst us, full meals. Alternatively, you may prefer to picnic. We plan to travel around the lakeside and to visit the Straining Tower, where filtering of the water is carried out, before its journey to Liverpool. Again, we have the company of Rita Moreton (of Severn Trent) on the trip, and also from Lake Vyrnwy, the manager of the plant has offered to act as our guide.
Tuesday, June 23rd
Visit to City of York
For our visit to York, we depart from Birmingham Rotunda at 9-15am, by Crantock coach, and from Scott Arms at 9-30am.
Upon arrival at York, there will be free time for members to spend as they will. There are many museums and places of interest to visit. River trips of one hour's duration depart regularly.
Walking tours of the walls are available and there are also bus tours of the city for the less energetic. Because of the diversity of choice for visitors in York we feel it best that everyone is free to explore at will.
We shall re-assemble for the coach journey home at 5-30pm and are due back in Birmingham around 8-30pm.
Wednesday, August 26th
Visit to Jodrell Bank
For our visit to Jodrell Bank, we depart from Birmingham Rotunda at 9:30am, and from Scott Arms at 9:45am. At Jodrell Bank we have a booking for a show in the Planetarium at 2:15pm. Otherwise, members are free to explore at will. Amongst the attractions are a Science Centre, an Environmental Discovery Centre, a 35 acre Arboretum and a gift shop.
Members will be free to enjoy a picnic in the grounds or refreshments will be available in the cafe. We shall reassemble at 5:00pm for the homeward journey, and expect to arrive back in Birmingham around 7:00pm-7:30pm.
Thursday, October 15th
Annual Luncheon at the Greswolde Arms Hotel, Knowle
The venue for this year's annual luncheon is the Greswolde Arms Hotel, High Street, Knowle. We shall assemble at around 11:45am and lunch will be served at approximately 12:30pm.
The lunch menu consists of:
 Asparagus Soup
 Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
     (served with vegetables in season)
 Sherry Trifle
Wine and drinks will be available as required, but to be paid for individually, as ordered.
On this occasion, no transport will be provided, but, if anyone has difficulty in arranging their own travel, please let Jean Ager know, and she will do her best to make arrangements on their behalf.
Jean Ager
Social Secretary