LloydsTSB Retirement Club (Birmingham)
The Club has the following categories of membership:
Single Membership: one former Bank employee paying an annual subscription of £10;
Joint Membership: two former Bank employees paying an annual subscription of £10, or alternatively, a voluntary subscription of £20;
Double Membership: one former Bank employee plus another person - the subscription being £10pa, or a voluntary subscription of £20;
Associate Membership: one or more people (not former Bank employees) jointly paying £10pa.
The term "former employee" to include widows and widowers of former Bank employees.
Each category of membership will receive copies of the Club's periodical Newsletter.
The Annual Subscription is payable by Standing Order on January 1st.
Former Bank employees can join the Retirement Club by downloading and completing a Membership Form and a Standing Order Authority:
       Membership Form:
                Single Membership
                Joint Membership
                Double Membership
               Associate Membership
        Standing Order Authority Form
Alternatively, email the details specified in the Membership Form to David Parkes (davidparkes1941@gmail.com) and set up a Standing Order online.